Credentialing & Applying to be In-Network

Establish a dedicated process for applying to government and commercial payors with GreenpointMed.  


The Process

GreenpointMed works with you, your group or facility on the credentialing process. This can include CAQH completion, Medicare /Medicaid applications or panel applications to commercial payors. Our process frees you of the burdens of working with insurance companies so you can spend more time focused on your patients.  

For commercial payors, It could take up to 120 days for you to receive a contract to be in-network. For Medicare & Medicaid, it could take even longer. GreenpointMed works with you throughout and ensures a smooth application and contracting process so you can start accepting new patients ASAP. 


Why Partner?

There are a few reasons why a provider would consider partnering with GreenpointMed for the panel application process.

  • First, the time you will spend preparing applications, collecting & submitting documents and responding to inquiries could be better spent on patient care.
  • Second, insurer' reps are often unresponsive and provide little in the way of transparency. GreenpointMed is your advocate and diligently works through these roadblocks.
  • Third, GreenpointMed has established best practices and a dedicated process that, if followed, maximizes your opportunities of being accepted on a panel.

While we do everything we can to put you in the best position to be accepted in-network, we cannot guarantee application approval. Insurance panels may reject an application for reasons that are beyond the control of GreenpointMed. 

3 Easy Tips for Credentialing Podcast

Listen as our CEO, Justin Gaines, describes 3 Easy Tips for Applying to Insurance Panels on the podcast of The Private Practice Startup group. After listening to this podcast, you should feel confident that the credentialing process is simpler than you may think, and that as specialists, we at GreenpointMed can make it less of a headache for you and your practice!