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Who are we…

GreenpointMed is a revenue cycle management company that helps healthcare providers run their practices more efficiently; all while offering amazing customer service.

Our team has nearly 35 years of experience in Revenue Cycle Management and will make billing simple & efficient. 

What our clients are saying…

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Why Choose GreenpointMed…

  • 97% clean claims rate - among the best in the industry

  • Complimentary insurance verifications - completed typically same day, sometimes within hours of receipt

  • Full denial & rejection management - ensure that all your mental health claims are getting paid

  • Reporting - we have a variety of reporting tools available so you can know exactly the payment status of at patient, insurer or provider 

All aspects of GreenpointMed's business are compliant with HIPAA, HITECH and all other state/federal laws & regulation. We will never compromise our values when it comes to compliance & confidentiality. All of our systems, policies & procedures have been thoroughly vetted against the rules & regulations of HIPAA to ensure that any protected health information is securely protected.  

Hidden fees? Yup. The competitors have them. But not us.

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