GreepointMed's services are simple and efficient. The healthcare industry is growing more complex and payers are getting bigger everyday. Providers must continually adapt to healthcare's rapidly changing landscape. Partner with GreenpointMed to stay ahead of the curve.


Wondering if a Third Party Billing Company is for You?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you a new provider focused on building your practice?

New providers are often so focused getting their practice off the ground, that basic fundamentals of running a business can seem tedious. If you dread the basic "blocking-and-tackling" of your business, than bringing a trusted partner like GreenpointMed could be right for you.

Are you spending too much time and effort on billing?

Industry surveys say that if you are spending more than 5 hours per week on billing, than outsourcing could be a valuable option. Ask yourself if the opportunity cost of those 5 hours is greater for you if your billing is outsourced? If so, GreenpointMed could be your answer.

Are rejected & denied claims piling up causing you to take large write-offs?

ICD-10, while expansive, is extraordinarily complex. The professionals at GreenpointMed can simplify the billing process and clean-up your denied claims

Is your rate of approved claims less than 75%?

If you submit 20 claims, how many are denied? If you answered five, than an evaluation of your billing practices could be in order. Those five claims may not seem like a lot, but after time it becomes a significant drag on your bottom line. Engage GreenpointMed and see how our billing solutions are right for you.

Are you realizing the return on investment in your practice?

You've put in the time to get to where you are, and want to put yourself in the best position to care for your patients. Private practice is also a business and it's important that you are realizing the proper return on your investment – time, money and effort. Let GreenpointMed become your trusted partner so you can fulfill your duty to your patients, your practice and yourself.

We make billing easy