Denial Management and A/R Recovery

Let GreenpointMed manage your denials and accounts receivables. Maximize the revenue collected from insurance claims and make sure you leave $0 on the table.

Did you know that 3 – 5% of claims are denied? Over time this can add up to significant amounts of lost revenue if not properly followed up on. Denial and Accounts Receivable management is a critical and overlooked component of many organization’s Revenue Cycle Management. It could be due to complexity of an issue, resources or a variety of other factors.

At GreenpointMed, we offer a robust denial management and accounts receivable recovery service that ensures you are collecting maximum value from your insurance patients.

  • If you are looking to outsource A/R collections … Call GreenpointMed!
  • If you are not maximizing revenues from insurance … Call GreenpointMed!
  • If you have a large amount(s) of A/R greater than 90 days … Call GreenpointMed!

At GreenpointMed, our billing team has 35 years of experience working across multiple healthcare verticals. Since GreenpointMed was founded, we’ve been helping providers stay current on their claims and catch-up on outstanding balances. We’ve developed best practices and a dedicated process which is what differentiates GreenpointMed from other service providers in the market.

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Pricing is competitive and varies on a case-by-case basis. Multiple factors are considered when quoting a price, including age of the outstanding claims, accessibility to necessary billing information and overall size of the project. To better align our interests, we collect our fee when payment is made.

*GreenpointMed, Inc is not a licensed collection agency and our services are limited to pursuing payment from insurers only. If your project consists of patient collections, unfortunately we are not offering that service at this time

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