Mental Health Billing Service Made Easy

Finally! Mental Health Billing Is Simple & Efficient

Our team has nearly 35 years of experience in Revenue Cycle Management and will make billing simple & efficient.

Mental & Behavioral Health Billing Service

Are you looking for a reliable mental health billing company? GreenpointMed focuses on billing for behavioral health services and has developed expertise in billing for mental health, reimbursement and overall compliance. Whether it is Medicare mental health billing, or general psychotherapy billing our team can help. Our dedicated billing service for mental health providers is designed to make sure you are collecting maximum value from your insurance claims.

Why you need mental & behavioral health billing specialists…

  • In-depth knowledge of the behavioral health industry

  • Mental health services aren’t billed like other specialists

    - Insurance companies place time limits on therapy sessions and often require pre-approval
  • Mental health billing specialists handle insurance issues and free up your time and energy for helping patients.

Why GreenpointMed is the best choice for billing  for mental health services?

  • Fast turnaround – we submit claims same day if received before 2pm EST; the next day if received after
  • 97% clean claims rate – among the best in the industry
  • Complimentary insurance verification – completed typically same day, sometimes within hours of receipt
  • Full denial & rejection management – ensure that all your claims are getting paid
  • Reporting – we have a variety of reporting tools available so you can know exactly the payment status of at patient, insurer or provider

Take back the time associated with billing and focus on your patients and practice. Contact GreenpointMed at to learn more today!

ATTENTION: Mental Health Providers

GreenpointMed is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with TherapyNotes, a leading EHR for mental health providers. Due to our excellence in mental health billing, GreenpointMed is 1 of the only 5 medical billing companies which TherapyNotes has partnered with.

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