The Business of Healthcare is Unavoidable

No matter what field you are in, there will always be a business element to it that is unavoidable. Some fields are simpler than others. For example, if you owned a store selling bolts, the business of running your store would be quite simple. Likewise in many other businesses; it’s just simple & easy. Unfortunately, healthcare is not simple and easy.

Over the years, there have been a multitude of factors introduced that have gotten us to this point in June, 2017 where the business of healthcare is so complex. One factor is the rise and power of insurance. The insurance companies have gotten bigger and more powerful while cutting reimbursement rates and making it more difficult for doctors to earn what they should earn. We could get into the reasons as to the “why” but let’s save that for another discussions.

Another reason is legislation. The amount of regulation that is in the healthcare market has caused the complexity of running a healthcare business to increase 10-fold. Ask any doctor how much time they would rather be spending on patientcare versus the time spent on running their practice, and it’s not even close. Regardless of what happens in Washington with repeal of the Affordable Care Act, the fact remains that too many people in our nation are dependent on some type of government subsidized healthcare, and that will not change.

Medical practices need to partner with a company that specializes in healthcare business; that company is GreenpointMed. Our company is the premier partner for dealing with all insurance matters. We know how to cut through the complexity, speak to the right individuals and save you time & money. It’s not a secret, and we don’t try to hide it. Our firm is dedicated to making sure that running a healthcare practice is simple & efficient, and when you partner with GreenpointMed you will understand why.

We live by two values – simplicity & efficiency. We use technology to make healthcare business more efficient, and we always hold insurers to account. In a world where the largest insurance companies are getting bigger & stronger by the day, you shouldn’t feel that you are alone. Know that you have a partner in GreenpointMed that will advocate for you day-in, and day-out. It’s what we do, and it’s what healthcare needs.

Contact GreenpointMed today to find out how we can make your business simpler through our billing & credentialing solutions. You will not be disappointed.


Justin GainesThe Business of Healthcare is Unavoidable

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